Daffodil Dance

February Flowers

It’s not enough to see green.  I need blooms.  Or at least some big ole buds.  No longer must I wait.  Spring has sprung, and it’s early!

The town of Paducah has ushered in the beauty of the season during late February for as long as I can remember, but this year, we’re doing our happy daffodil dances even earlier than usual.

This post and photo is dedicated to my own Super Momma who is on Sanibel Island.  She and my dear stepdaddy go to Florida every year during February and March.  Don’t get me wrong…I have no sympathy for them as they bask in the sun and sand.  But the fact is, they always miss the daffodils.  So here are some blooms, courtesy of cyberspace.  I figure my friends up north might appreciate them, too.

I’m not sharing any recipes on this beautiful Sunday.  We’re eating leftovers and basking in our own Paducah sun.  It’s not the beach…but I’ve got daffodils.  Shake that booty.


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