Hi, I'm Laura. I cook, write, eat, and play in beautiful Western Kentucky. I am proud Super Momma of Jake and Jane. I have an adorable husband, Michael. Now shake that booty.

Every parent wants to be a Super Momma.  That is, every parent wants to find ways to put a healthy meal on the table just after homework is finished and right before basketball begins.  Oh, and every parent wants their kids to scream “yummy!” after the first bite.  Problem is, so many of our recipes give us either super decadent meals that are loaded with fat and take two hours to create, or super quick and healthy meals that are boring, average, or downright tasteless.  Super Momma Meals aims to give parents the best of all worlds – quick but creative meals that are both seriously delicious and seriously good for you, using simple and healthy ingredients from your local grocery.

During my years of working 80+ hour weeks, I took indescribable solace in preparing a healthy meal for my family.  Okay, so it didn’t happen as often as I would have liked, and the meals weren’t always terribly healthy.  But the more I engaged in my cooking therapy, the more combinations and tricks I discovered for whipping up quick, heart-healthy, energy-boosting meals that everyone loves.

So here’s to all you working moms and dads out there – both at home or in the office – this blog is just for you.  We all need to feed our families, and often we are willing to settle for tasteless or high calorie meals (or both) for sustenance, given all that life throws at us.  Don’t settle!  It’s not worth it!  You will end up feeling gross, bloated, energy-less, and your kids will very likely end up overweight with countless future health problems.  On the flip side, if you are convinced you can still be a Super Momma while also a gourmet chef who spends two hours preparing dinner every night, go for it.  But I’ve learned I can’t do it all unless I want to give up precious time with my kids and husband.  And that, my friends, is no longer an option for me.  So this Super Momma finds contentment in cooking quick, healthy, yummy meals that keep everyone’s booties looking cute.

This blog shares original recipes and recipe make-overs that I’ve concocted with a heaping helping of inspiration (and loving criticism) from my family and friends.  I’ll also happily credit the countless memories in the kitchen with my own Super Momma, Super Daddy, and Extra Super Grandparents.  Those memories still fuel my love to create.

Although these meals are simple and easy, they stray from the ho-hum recipes found in every Super Momma’s repertoire.  Super Mommas need variety!  I hope these meals will give you an arsenal of “different and yummy” to add to your current favorites.  I’ll also post my favorite kitchen tricks, tips, must-have tools and go-to ingredients along the way.

So please take a few precious minutes to peruse Super Momma Meals.  Then pour a glass of wine, turn up your favorite song, and let your culinary juices flow.  Knowing you will be finished in time for basketball practice.  You can have it all, you Super Momma, you.

Now shake that booty!

~ Laura


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